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 A Welsh Tradition

The earliest photo we have of the choir at the Pontyclun Institute & Athletic Club in 1915

The Rich Tapestry of Our History

Step into the captivating tale of the Llantrisant Male Voice Choir, where history echoes through the cobbled streets of our beloved hilltop town. For a century now, we’ve stood as proud custodians of tradition, our voices weaving a tapestry of Welsh culture that resonates far and wide.

From our humble beginnings over a century ago, our choir has become a cherished cornerstone of our community, with a legacy that stretches back to our very first concert amidst the flickering lights of a wax works exhibition on St. David’s Day in 1898.

Through times of turmoil and triumph, our voices have remained steadfast, transcending borders to share our passion for music with audiences across 11 countries. Yet, our roots remain firmly planted in the rich soil of Llantrisant, where our melodies continue to echo through the ages, a testament to the enduring spirit of our town and its people.

Diverse in backgrounds yet united in harmony, our choir is a vibrant tapestry of men spanning generations and experiences. From the spirited enthusiasm of our youngest member, a mere 21 years young, to the seasoned grace of our eldest, a remarkable 88 years, we stand together with a singular purpose: to share the gift of music and spread joy wherever our voices may carry us.

Our journey has seen us grace illustrious stages, from the regal halls of royalty to the iconic arenas of global acclaim. Whether performing at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, the historic Cardiff Castle, or the electric atmosphere of the Millennium Stadium, each moment is infused with the passion and dedication of our members.

But our repertoire extends beyond grand stages, as we eagerly lend our voices to a myriad of events throughout the year. From formal concert performances that captivate audiences to community gatherings, charity fundraisers, and corporate engagements, we relish every opportunity to connect through music. And with weddings becoming a cherished specialty, we take pride in our polished appearances, donning attire that befits the occasion with grace and style.

With every note we sing, we carry the spirit of camaraderie, the joy of song, and the commitment to uplift hearts with our music. As we continue our musical journey, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure, where the power of harmony knows no bounds.

Our Humble Beginnings …

The origin of the Llantrisant Male Choir can be traced back to a concert at a wax works exhibition in the town of Llantrisant on St David’s Day, 1st March 1898.

Since then, the choir has been in continuous existence, even throughout the two world wars, performing at local community celebrations, charity events, corporate functions and wedding ceremonies.

We continue to figure prominently in local annual services and events throughout the  year particularly during the festive season. On Remembrance Day in the town we are proud to gather at the Bullring, Llantrisant with local dignitaries and residents to sing and pay respect to those who have fallen in the great wars.

Like many male choirs in Wales, choir membership has fluctuated greatly from around 100 choristers in the 1930’s to a mere 12 choristers in the 1960’s. In recent years we’ve been able to maintain a membership of around 50 choristers.

Singing songs chosen from the world of opera and musical theatre, traditional Welsh hymns, spiritual and gospel music, love songs and popular current day chart hits.

Apart from Welsh and English we’ve also learned to sing a few songs in French, German, Spanish and Italian!

1966 The Chairman of Glamorgan County Council. Cardiff invited the choir and members of Castellau Church, Llantrisant, to a dinner in their honour.

The choir in 1978 at the Guild Hall on the Castle Green, Llantrisant.

1978 Concert at the Lecture Theatre, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Conductor George Mumford, accompanist Mildred Mumford.

Coronation Celebrations 1953

Our Choir led the Coronation celebrations in the town of Llantrisant in 1953, the unveiling of the War Memorial at Miskin and at the Investiture service in the town in 1969.  We’ve also featured at the Morriston Tabernacle Church on the television programme “Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol”.

Royal Mint Opening

Llantrisant 1968

We have had the privilege of performing at prestigious events, where our voices intertwine with history. One such moment etched in memory is our performance at the Royal Mint opening in Llantrisant in 1968. Standing before royalty, we sang with pride as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a commemorative plaque, surrounded by dignitaries. Our harmonies echoed through time, a cherished chapter in our journey as the Llantrisant Male Choir.

The Royal Albert Hall 1979

The Welsh Association of Male Voice Choirs was established in 1962, uniting twenty-six choirs to collectively address the needs of Male Choirs. Over the years, the association has grown in numbers and experience.

Every year, the association proudly sponsors the Festival of Massed Choirs at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. As dedicated members of the association, we have had the privilege to partake in the Festival of Massed Male Choirs on nine occasions since 1978.

1978 Concert at Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Conductor George Mumford, Accompanist Mildred Mumford.

1984 Concert at Salem Chapel, Church Village. Conductor Jeff Ryan and Accompanist Jenny Rimmer. Flutists are pupils from Cardinal Newman RC School, Rhydyfelin.


Monday & Wednesday 7.30pm to 9pm
Llantrisant Workingmen’s Club
19-21 Swan Street
CF72 8EB



contact details:

ted tidman

Choir Chairman

Mobile: 07971 931576




Our History …

Your Future!

1983 Coed yr Esgob School, Llantrisant. Conductor Jeff Ryan, Accompanist Jenny Rimmer.

1989 Coed yr Esgob School, Llantrisant. Conductor John Beddoe, Accompanist Jenny Rimmer.

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