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Joining the Llantrisant Male Choir means becoming a part of a rich and storied tradition of Welsh choral singing. Whether you’re an experienced singer or new to the world of choir, we welcome you to be a part of our musical journey.

By joining us, you’ll not only experience the joy of singing but also forge lasting friendships, create unforgettable memories, and contribute to the preservation of Welsh cultural heritage.

We need new members of all ages to join our family of choristers and help us grow stronger as a choir.

So, if you’ve been considering joining a choir, you’ve come to the right place. At the Llantrisant Male Choir, we extend a warm welcome to potential newcomers like yourself.

Whether you’re an experienced singer or someone who’s never sung in a choir before, we invite you to read on and discover why joining the Llantrisant Male Choir could be the perfect musical adventure for you.

It sounds like you’re interested in joining us, and we’re thrilled to hear it!

Here’s what you can expect when you come to visit us:

No pressure or commitment to join up on the night!  You’re welcome to simply observe and listen as we rehearse, getting a feel for what being part of our choir is like.

There’s no formal audition process. But if on the night you do decide to join us, our Musical Director will discreetly assess your voice and help place you in the section of the choir where you’ll fit best.  That’s all there is to it!   So why not reach out to us and arrange to come along to one of our rehearsals? We’d love to have you join us and be part of our musical family!

What Our Boys Have to Say!

“Come and be a part of our story! Join the Llantrisant Male Choir today and embark on an enriching musical adventure”.

Colin Williams - 1st Tenor

I joined the choir in 1982, aged 22. At the time I was still playing rugby and singing the typical rugby songs after the game.

One day I just thought I would like to sing properly and the best thing to do is join a choir.

I was needlessly apprehensive – fortunately I knew my school friend was in the choir at the time. So here I am 38 years later still singing.

Tim Jenkins - 2nd Tenor

I joined the choir and became part of a remarkable brotherhood. I’d never experienced camararderie like it!

The moment I truly embraced the choir was during my first trip to Llangollen when we sang our signature song ‘The Gypsy’. It was part way through this song realisation of where I wanted to be truly hit home. That was almost 10 years ago and I have fully embraced the choir ever since.

David 'Dai' Jones - Baritone

I left Cardiff to live in Llantrisant many years ago. Getting too old to play my sport I really needed an outlet and a new challenge.

I come from a family where singing is traditional. Talking to a Llantrisant chorister one day gave me the incentive to join in 1979. I have made lifelong friendships, travelled the UK, Europe and USA experiencing many, many great times and I’m still proud to be a member.

Rhodri Orrell - Bass

In 2019, at 21 years old I decided to join the choir. The choir has given me the chance to meet and make new friends with so many good people. I was made to feel so welcome from the very start.

In my short time with the choir, getting to know the boys individually and through performing, I’ve made memories that I’ll never forget.

A couple of interesting facts …

You might believe that singing is a talent you either have or don’t, or that reaching a certain standard seems unattainable. But let me assure you, both notions couldn’t be further from the truth.

You don’t need prior experience or the ability to read music. Regular attendance at rehearsals and practicing techniques can easily compensate for any lack of experience or musical knowledge. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn along the way!

Moreover, having the “perfect” voice is not a prerequisite. With practice, most of us can blend in harmoniously with fellow choristers to create a beautiful sound together. The beauty of singing in a large group is that you can gradually build your confidence and skills, knowing that you’re part of a collective effort where every voice contributes to the overall sound. It’s the power of group singing that makes being in a choir so rewarding!


Welcoming New Members

After successfully completing their probationary period, new members are warmly welcomed into full membership during Wednesday rehearsals at the club. They receive their Choir Tie and Welcome Pack from their section representative, marking their official induction into the choir.

To celebrate this milestone, members often gather for a drink together in the bar afterward, fostering camaraderie and building connections within the choir community.

Welcoming Chris Jones

Chris Jones - Baritone

Welcoming Gareth Jones

Dr Gareth Jones - Baritone

Welcoming Gareth Jones

Malcolm Thomas - 2nd Tenor

Welcoming David Murray-Dickson

David Murray-Dickson - 2nd Tenor

Welcoming Rob Smith

Rob Smith - 2nd Tenor

Welcoming Richard Jones

Richard Jones - Bass

Yes ...rehearsals can be challenging - but they're also fun!

Not sure if you’re ready to commit?

We understand that taking the first step to join a choir can feel daunting, and it’s natural to have questions and concerns. That’s why we invite you to join us for a fact-finding visit, where you can experience firsthand what it’s like to be part of our choir.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy some wonderfully uplifting singing, along with plenty of good humor and great company. You can also meet the team and ask as many questions as you need to fully understand what being a chorister entails.

There’s absolutely no pressure to make a decision on the spot. Take your time to soak in the atmosphere and see if it’s the right fit for you. Our boys have found the experience to be rewarding, challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable. In fact, they often say, “I wish I’d joined years ago.”

So why not come along, experience a rehearsal evening with us, and see if it’s something you’d like to be a part of? We’re confident that once you take that step, you’ll never regret it!

“Singing is good for you physically and emotionally. It’s a great way to relax, unwind and take your mind off the stresses in life!”


Why not bring a friend with you?

Concerned about walking into a rehearsal session on your own? Why not bring along a family member or friend for moral support?  You’ll be warmly welcomed!
To make taking that first step easier … we’ll offer to pick you up and drop you home afterwards and if you want …. we’ll ‘buddy’ you up with a chorister on the night. It’s all part of how we look after our potential new choristers! So come on down … dip a toe in the water without committing to anything. You won’t be disappointed!

We take our singing very seriously but as in all good environments, fun and humour are never very far away.  According to the boys “what goes on tour – stays on tour”. Apparently!

We hope to see you soon!


Visit Us!

The Historic Town of Llantrisant


Every Monday & Wednesday

7.30pm to 9pm

Llantrisant Workingmen’s Club
19-21 Swan Street
CF72 8EB



contact details:

ted tidman

Choir Chairman

Mobile: 07971 931576




   Positive reasons 

           to join …

Positive reasons

to join …

There’s robust scientific evidence confirming singing is, in fact therapeutic, good for your body, mind & soul. You’ll also learn invaluable life skills along the way.

    Health, well-being & musical benefits:

    • it’s a great way to escape & relax
    • decreases stress, depression & anxiety
    • increases sense of happiness and well being
    • improves posture & lung function
    • you’ll feel a great sense of achievement
    • boosts motivation & self-confidence
    • reduces feelings of isolation
    • you’ll feel safe and supported
    • fosters new friendships, camaraderie & life-long friends
    • can help improve your sleep
    • improves musicality, voice & sight-reading skills
    • friends & family will be proud watching you perform
    • opportunities for travel, at home & abroad

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join up?

    Get in touch with Ted Tidman, Chairman Mob: 07971 931576; Email: or simply submit our online Contact Us form to make arrangements to come along to a rehearsal.

    If you’re concerned about walking into a rehearsal session, why not bring along a family member or friend for moral support. Or how about we pick you up and drop you home afterwards? It’s all part of how we look after our potential choristers.

    So come along, meet our members and see for yourself what it’s like to be a chorister. Feel free to ask about our choir, our traditions, how we’re moving forward, the commitment involved and of course, the music we sing. There’s no pressure and no commitment to join on the night.

    How much of my time will the choir take up?

    We are kept busy throughout the year so rehearse every Monday and Wednesday between 7.30pm and 9pm in the Llantrisant Workingman’s Club when we practice our current repertoire and learn new songs.

    Choristers are expected to attend rehearsals on a regular basis and to spend a little time between rehearsals by going over their song part using music video clips and song sheets provided to ensure performance readiness.

    We enjoy around 25-30 annual engagements, usually in the evening with weddings on a Friday or Saturday. Whilst most concerts are in the local area, some can be a little further afield.  Most concerts are followed by an ‘afterglow’ in the pub for refreshments and an informal sing-song where local folk love to join in.

    We break for a well -earned rest throughout August (4 weeks) and a further 2 weeks at Christmas.

    What happens on a fact finding visit?

    Wondering what’s involved? Come along to a no strings practice evening and make yourself known on arrival.  Sit back and enjoy some wonderfully uplifting singing, much good humour and plenty of great company – you’ll be made to feel most welcome!  Meet the team and ask as many questions as you need to find out what a ‘day in the life’ of a chorister really means. You’ll probably hear words such as … rewarding, challenging, enjoyable, good fun and more often than not “I wish I’d joined years ago”.  

    To put your mind at rest, there’s no requirement to stand in front of the choir to sing solo or to formally audition as it’s all very relaxed. In fact, even after joining you’ll never have to sing solo unless you want to! Our Musical Director will simply take you aside to hear a quick snippet of your voice to establish in which section of the choir your voice would be best suited. It’s as simple as that!

    You’ll then have a better idea of what to expect should you decide to join us. We guarantee that once you’ve taken that step – you’ll never regret it! But remember …there’s no pressure and no commitment to join on the night.

    Is there a probationary period?

    At present there is a minimum attendance requirement of 16 rehearsal visits to fulfil the probationary period. This facilitates a period of learning and settling in. Following which full membership is offered and a monthly subscription becomes payable.

    Are there membership fees?

    Upon becoming a full member of the choir a monthly subscription is payable at a rate which is fair and represents excellent value for money.

    Do I need to be a Welsh speaker?

    No, but we do encourage Welsh speakers to join us to bolster the numbers of native Welsh speakers within the choir. That said, most songs in Welsh are learned by repetition and help is given with a combination of phonetic aids and recordings of the spoken word and from Welsh speaking members.

    Do I need to be able to read music?

    No … there’s no need to worry as many of our choristers don’t read music but if you do – then that’s great!  Regular attendance at rehearsals is the most important aspect and use of practice techniques will easily make up for not being able to read music. You’ll be surprised what you pick up along the way!

    Do I need a great voice?

    No you don’t need the perfect voice as again with practice, most of us can join in with fellow choristers to make a very pleasing sound indeed. As most learning is done in groups there is no individual exposure although you can sing a solo (but only if you want to) or just be part of the amazing sound. Many of our performances are for local community & charities and events with weddings having become a speciality of the choir.

    Joining us each week will help you de-stress, grow in confidence and no matter how new you are to singing, your voice will improve. Most of all, you’ll have fun!

    Am I the right age to join?

    We welcome new members of all ages over the minimum age of 18 years.  We are a strong community of like minded people from all walks of life and of all ages with a common interest – singing!

    What qualities should I have?

    Punctuality; commitment; attentiveness; consideration for others; willingness to learn; listening skills and a good sense of humour – most important!

    What are the benefits?

    The choir is a social group and we aim to have fun whilst working hard to be the best we can.  Often a challenge yet offering great satisfaction, a sense of pride and well-being when you’re singing alongside your fellow choristers as part of one big family.  Its a wonderful feeling!

    What will be expected of me?

    Professionalism, dedication and a commitment to embrace and uphold the choirs’ traditions and values.

    We prefer that you attend rehearsals twice weekly as anything less frequent does mean that it will take longer for you to get to a performance ready standard of singing, particularly in the early days of membership when we can learn together and from each other at the same pace and maintain performance quality.   

    However, we value our members immensely, their commitment and contribution to the ongoing success of the choir and therefore appreciate that twice weekly attendance is a big ask for some members with valid family and work obligations.

    A willingness to learn a varied programme of songs with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles to keep our repertoire fresh and exciting. A commitment to regularly participate in concert performances, events and weddings as set out in the choirs Event Calendar.

    What can I expect from the choir?

    A warm welcome and ongoing support, friendship and camaraderie, fun and laughter. All the help you will need to quickly fit in, with a mentor to help you in learning new songs. The promise that someone will always be there to help you and to answer questions.

    Provision of a New Member Information pack with access to a huge back catalogue of music to help learn existing songs. Our professional Music Team provide music tracks in various format to help you continue the learning process at home.

    Can't find what you're looking for?
    If you can’t find the help you are looking for please do get in touch with our Chairman Ted Tidman (Mob: 07971 931576) for a chat and answers to any other questions you might have.
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